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Prime Sigma Program

Prime Sigma will endow the participant with the knowledge and skills necessary for understanding and applying the basic concepts, tools, procedures, practices, and methods commonly associated with Six Sigma and the general field of process and business improvement.

The main focus of Prime Sigma is placed on how to quickly, effectively, efficiently, and easily, solve line-of-sight problems as well as resolve daily operational issues. Participants will discover how a strong, positive contribution can be realized using the concepts and tools provided in this program.

Students will learn how to wield an array of time-proven, simple, graphics-based process improvement tools that can produce quick bottom-line improvements. In addition, they will be gaining tremendous insight into the logic and reasoning which underlies Six Sigma and the aims of breakthrough improvement.

Prime Sigma can increase the power of virtually anyone, working in an industrial or commercial enterprise, that is striving to realize a never-ending stream of continuous improvements. Therefore, this program is an excellent choice for a business of any size – commercial or industrial.

Reinforcement of major concepts, techniques, and application is realized through exercises, scenarios, and focused case studies.

Prime Sigma
$10.00 USD

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