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Lean Sigma Program

The Lean Sigma program will endow the participant with the knowledge and skills necessary for understanding and applying the basic concepts, tools, procedures, practices, and methods associated with Six Sigma and the general field of process improvement. In addition, the participant will glean the time-proven knowledge, methods and tools associated with the best-practices of a modern lean enterprise.

The participant will learn how to solve on-going operational problems and discover how to enhance or otherwise streamline daily operations. Of course, this goal is accomplished by the application of lean manufacturing principles such as mistake-proofing, pull systems and basic shop-floor improvement practices, just to mention a few.

Of interest, the participant will learn how to apply specific tools to a wide range of commercial as well as industrial applications. Naturally, the lean tools and methods presented in this course can serve as an excellent entry point for initiating the deployment of Six Sigma.

In other words, the practices associated with a lean production system can be used to solve many line-of-sight problems and remove the low hanging fruit; thereby, clearing a path for the full-scale installation and utilization of Six Sigma practices. This independent yet integrated approach is often called "Lean Sigma" and represents a viable solution for many organizations.

In this sense, the Lean Sigma program is an offering that is good for everyone. It can increase the power of virtually anyone working in an industrial or commercial enterprise that is striving to realize a never-ending stream of continuous improvements. Thus, the participant will discover how a strong, positive contribution can be realized using the concepts and tools provided in this program of study.

Reinforcement of major concepts, techniques, and application is realized through exercises, scenarios, and focused case studies. Through this training, the participant will gain tremendous insight into the logic and reasoning which underlies Six Sigma and the aims of breakthrough improvement.

Lean Sigma
$20.00 USD

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