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Process Leader Program

The Process Leader program is designed to endow the participant with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively initiate, plan, oversee and review the execution of a process improvement project.

Candidates will learn the basic concepts, tools, procedures, practices, and methods associated with the execution of Six Sigma projects and the general field of process improvement. They will also learn how to leverage the key leadership principles of Six Sigma and selected improvement tools in order to enhance or otherwise streamline the daily operations of a core business process.

Students are then provided a keen sense of Lean Sigma and the basic Quality Tools that drives quantum improvement. Of course, this goal is accomplished by examining the application tools as practiced by Six Sigma X-Belts and process improvement professionals. From this angle, the participant will understand what it takes to deploy Six Sigma and benefit from its reach and power.

In this sense, the Process Leadership program is an offering that is good for anyone responsible for the operation or improvement of business processes – commercial or industrial, of any size or form. The knowledge provided in this program of study empowers a Process Leader to drive a never-ending stream of continuous improvements and breakthrough experiences.

Reinforcement of major concepts, techniques, and application is realized through exercises, scenarios, and focused case studies. This program will provide operational and application insights into the time-proven practices that underpin the successful installation of Six Sigma and the core elements of value creation.

Process Leader
$30.00 USD

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