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Six Sigma White Belt Program

The Six Sigma White Belt role is an entry-level position within the organizational hierarchy of X-Belts. White Belt’s are operational managers that have been enriched with a conceptual understanding of Six Sigma that penetrates deeper than what could be obtained by way of a global executive overview. Thus, it can be said that White Belts are typically mid-level line and staff managers whose normal job duties intersect or overlap the objectives associated with a Six Sigma initiative.

In this context, such leaders must not only internalize the core concepts and ideas that underpin Six Sigma, they must also conceptually understand the essential terminology, tools, and practices associated with the Six Sigma X-Belt infrastructure, as well as the operational missions of that infrastructure.

This educational program has been specifically designed to deliver and reinforce the essential concepts of Six Sigma, but with a strong managerial emphasis. Particpant's will explore lean practices and graphically-based quality improvement tools, such as histograms, line graphs, scatter plots, and Pareto charts just to mention a few.

Each participant is educated on how to use the powerful Six Sigma process for realizing business performance breakthrough – Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control, or simply DMAIC.

This White Belt training program is specifically configured to bridge the knowledge gap that often exists between an executive-level Six Sigma overview and the applied skill set of an X-Belt practitioner. This means that the successful participant will be better enabled to project the power of Six Sigma. This translates to the consciousness of business imperatives, but with greater effectiveness and efficiency.

White Belt
$25.00 USD

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