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Yellow Belt Program

The role of a Yellow Belt is highly focused on delivering localized improvements within the boundaries of that process worker’s normal job-related duties. One of the ways they can be deployed is to execute limited line-of-sight application projects, keeping in mind that such Six Sigma projects must be operationally scaled in scope and depth to fit within their work area and body-of-knowledge.

Another way to leverage their skills is in a supporting role. This particular deployment tactic allows Green Belts and Black Belts to confidently delegate certain time consuming and labor intensive activities to these Yellow Belts. In turn, this enables the Green Belts and Black Belts to greatly extend their operational reach by concurrently planning and executing multiple high-impact projects.

Participants will learn the foundational principles and core values that underpin the installation of Six Sigma, as well as the driving knowledge for identifying, selecting, initializing, executing, reporting, and validating a Six Sigma project.

Candidates are trained to use the powerful Six Sigma process for realizing breakthrough – Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control, or simply DMAIC. Through this systematic and scientific method of problem solving, participants will discover how to best apply the supporting tools of Six Sigma – paving the way for short-cycle, high-yield improvements.

After acquiring these related principles, practices, tools, and methods, it makes it much easier for a Yellow Belt to question and examine how the work gets done and discover better paradigms for getting the work done.

Yellow Belt graduates will have a solid statistical foundation and are able to assist with the execution of cost savings projects and experiments by gathering data, assisting in problem solving exercises and preliminary data analysis. They also ensure on-going improvements within their immediate line-of-sight, and can be responsible for highly focused line-of-sight Six Sigma projects.

Yellow Belt
$50.00 USD

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