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Black Belt - Six Sigma Expert

Black Belts are highly trained Six Sigma experts who possess the knowledge and skills that are necessary to facilitate breakthrough improvements in key processes that support the overall aims of an enterprise or operating unit. They serve as change agents, internal consultants, mentors to Green Belts and assistants to Six Sigma Champions.

Black Belts optimize existing technology, or bring new technologies on line at optimal operating conditions and are the masters of problem solving. They have the technical and leadership capability to improve the performance of an existing industrial or commercial process, regardless of complexity or output volume. They also tackle and solve specific process-oriented or design-centric problems that have a negative impact on customer satisfaction, operational capability, output capacity, cycle time and other performance-related metrics.

Students will focus on obtaining an in-depth understanding of the Six Sigma principles and implementation tactics, along with advanced applications in the areas of descriptive statistics, benchmarking, process control techniques, process diagnostic methods and experimental design.


You will learn the importance of quantitative data and its vital role in successful problem solving, as well as the importance of sample size and how to administer a sampling scheme. You will discover how the key tools are blended and sequenced to form a scientific and repeatable process for solving critical manufacturing, engineering, service, administrative, and business related process problems.

Black Belts will be taught how to scope projects, define them and lead their implementation in addition to learning other essential skills including application of DMAIC, Six Sigma’s methodology for process improvement, as well as how to identify input variables that directly affect process output.

Participants will work a Training Project within MindPro that will allow them to exercise all the tools taught during training as well as understand the methodology and steps needed to carry out an on-site organizational project.

Upon completion of Six Sigma Black Belt training, students will have the expertise and technical knowledge required to implement Six Sigma successfully and to propel their respective organizations toward best-in-class status by reducing costs, improving cycle times, eliminating defects and significantly increasing customer satisfaction.

NOTE: Access to the MindPro Knowledge Transfer System required for proficiency certification.

Black Belt
$100.00 USD

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