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Control Practices Program

The Control Practices program provides students with the prerequisite training needed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for understanding and applying the essential concepts, tools, procedures, practices needed to use statistical process control (SPC). Upon completion of this training, the participant will be able to implement and sustain several common types of SPC charts for variables and attribute data.

Major emphasis is placed on the ways and means for centering a process and reducing its range of operation; thereby, increasing process capability while concurrently reducing the probability of defects. Of course, this leads to the reduction of overall operating costs.

Instruction includes how to plan a control chart study, how to implement successful sampling strategies, how to compute the underpinning statistics, as well as how to uncover nonrandom trends and events commonly associated with underperforming processes. In addition, you will learn a many of the "real world" situations in which SPC charts can be effectively employed to enhance control, reduce variation and generate additional value – to the benefit of the customer and provider.

Throughout this curriculum, particular attention is paid to the planning, organizing, constructing, implementing, interpreting and sustaining statistical process control charts. Key insights are developed for applications, chronic process control problems and low volume environments.

In addition, the development of analytical philosophy and language serves to augment the existing skills of participants. Much emphasis is placed on the construction and interpretation of SPC charts in industrial and commercial organizations. Hence, this training can be effectively put to use in small, medium and large organizations. Reinforcement of major concepts, techniques, and application is realized through exercise, scenarios, case studies, and field studies.

Control Practices
$45.00 USD

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